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As a proud member of the California dairy community since our establishment in 2007, Milk Movers of America, LLC has been supplying its clients with the expertise of owner, Leonard Vandenburg's, more than 40 years experience in all facets of the dairy industry.

Whether you are a processor looking to expand your market area or product family, or a dairy owner looking to streamline your operations or improve your quality, let Milk Movers help you make it happen


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Bulk Milk

Do you need a reliable, steady supply of bulk raw milk?  We've got you covered. Are you looking for only a load or two in a pinch?  We can do that too!  Are you a dairy owner looking for a new home for your milk? Let us hook you up!

Expert Consulting

Are you a dairyman who is looking for a new home for your milk? We can help. Do you seem to be barraged with quality issues or just want to take your dairy from good to great?  We have never failed to pinpoint and help fix an issue.  Are you a processor that just can't seem to fine tune the operations?  That's what we're here for.

Gourmet Dairy Products

Are you looking for a custom processor?  Maybe you hope to discover the next big product to fly of the shelves? Milk Mover's unique and extensive network make it possible for us to find exactly what you need, in a fraction of the time it would take you to find it.


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Leonard Vandenburg grew up immersed in the dairy industry.  He opened his first dairy in 1974 and has been a proud member of the industry ever since.  Leonard's boundless enthusiasm has lead him to work in all areas of the industry.  He has owned and operated dairies, he has served as national vice-president of a dairy marketing co-op, he has worked as a cheese plant manager, he has managed cooperatives, he has helped countless dairymen remain in the dairy industry, even when times were tough, he has fixed quality issues at both the farm and plant level.  His tireless desire to help people and sense of justice lead him to assist in founding the California Dairy Campaign.  There is no area of the dairy industry he does not know.  Book a consultation now to see how his expertise can help you!



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