Dairy Farm

Who Is Leonard Vandenburg?

          I was born in the Netherlands April 25, 1953 and grew up in the dairy business all my life. I was the oldest of 11 children and worked with my father on the 250 cow dairy until I started on my own one month before my 21st birthday.

           My first year in school was in the 2nd grade in 1960 because I did not know any English. I graduated from Galt High school and while I was in high school, I was President of Galt High School Future Farmers of America, Galt High student body member, member of the FFA dairy judging team for four years and won many high individual awards for judging.

           I started the dairy business in 1974 at the age of 20 with 20 cows and bought 55 from my father, on rented dairy. In 1977 was elected to the Associated Dairymen board of directors. In 1979 at 26 years of age married Teresa Kaehler and happily married for 39 years.

           In 1981 I bought 265 acre dairy farm from my parents that could milk 300 cows. In 1990 I moved my dairy to New Mexico and was milking 1000 cows until we sold out and bought the current cattle ranch in Ripon CA.

            I help establish California Dairy Campaign, Known as CDC. I spoke around the country on dairy and milk pricing issues to producers, congressional Ag hearings, federal order hearings and state order hearings. I helped National Farmers Organization get milk and livestock established in New Mexico and California.

           In 1999 we sold our California farm and dairy herd in New Mexico and bought our current farm in Ripon California, where we feed 800 head of cattle. In 1999 I was elected National Vice-President for the National Farmers Organization, without campaigning. I was appointed lead negotiator with Dairy Farmers of America, when NFO was in financial trouble. I was also for a brief period National Director for the NFO livestock department. In 2001 was appointed national dairy director for three years and managed 5 regions throughout the country. While national dairy director NFO was very profitable due to dairy department profits. In 2003 I started a retail division for NFO known as New Country Farms. In 2003 was re-elected National Vice President. I resigned from NFO March 1st 2007, due to NFO asking me to not disclose factual financial information, which I refused.

           Through request of many milk buyers and need I started Milk Movers of America LLC, and at that time California was faced with biggest glut of milk in history and companies releasing producers of their contracts and no where to go. MMA in almost every single case helped processors place excess milk and took care of the producers that did not have a home. MMA sold the milk contracts and continue as a consulting company and started Pacific Gold Milk Producers, Inc. a cooperative for all the producers MMA was handling. 

            In 2012 I created Pacific Gold Milk Products. In 2013 San Martin Milk Company. In July 2014 I created Organic West Milk Company.


           Milk Movers of America LLC